About Gustame

Gustame is a Data Mining app I developed during fall of 2014.

Christmas was coming and I wanted to give a book as a gift to a friend and so I faced the problem: what books would this friend like? I had learnt some stuff about recommendation systems so then, I decided to develop an app that could address this problem by making use of information available in social networks about friends interests.


By signing in to the site using their Facebook account, users are able to see a list of their friends and for each of those friends, get recommendations based on the Facebook Pages related to books they already liked. Sounds tricky huh? Then I should not mention that it uses Freebase to disambiguate redundant entities and that it uses a Collaborative Filtering technique based on your closed graph of contacts to do the recommendation… but I will give you an example so you can figure out how it works:

Albert has liked the FB Pages from the books “The Hobbit” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Bob and Claire also liked those pages and they also liked “The Narnia Chronicles Book”, which Albert hasn’t.

This means they have similar taste to Albert and that they have read a book Albert might enjoy reading too.

You get a recommendation to give Albert the book “Narnia Chronicles” as a gift.


Here you can download the complete research I made and get a more precise understanding about how this marvelous app works. You can also see on the right the slides I usually show when trying to explain my work (my script is missing of course but you can sort of guess it!).